Saturday, June 23, 2007

Picture in Front of Rose Bushes a Yearly Tradition?

It was a year ago that I took this picture of the kids by the rose bush that is front of our house. You have a window of time when the roses are in full bloom and I thougt that I might be able to make the picture a yearly tradition if I could manage not to kill the roses while living at 5th and Cherry Street. you can see from this years picture the kids are not exactly in to having their picture taken together. Wylie tried to stand next to her brother, but unfortunately he was in one of the moods where he's not wanting his picture taken. I may still have time to get Gunnar in a picture taking mood. If I succeed I will get it posted.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Adventure

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at Grandma and Grandpa DeWeese's house. This weekend was a good time to get together with Gunka Joe to celebrate his 37th birthday.
The kids played for hours blowing bubbles on the swing set. They called the area "The Bubble Kingdom".
It was amazing how long the bubbles would stay in the grass.
Gunnar got to go for a canoe ride down the creek for the first time this weekend. This creek runs right behind Grandma and Grandpa's house. Josh has spent countless hours as a boy at this creek.

A nice dip in the jacuzzi for Wylie, Gunnar, and cousin Jillian. They slept all night in the tent with Josh.
One of many rides on the four-wheeler, even in the forest!
Playing on the swing set.
Playing ninja turtles with plastic swords secured safely in the underwear.