Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wylie's First Hair Cut!

At least a trim anyway. With her being 4 years old and all Josh and I thought it was about time to take her to the beauty shop. Josh took her to Tulsa today. They had a father-daughter outing together and just happened to run into Santa Clause. She wasn't sure at first, but Josh told her now would be a good time to tell Santa what you want for Christmas. After she was done telling him about the Baby Alive Doll she wanted, she came back to tell Santa what her brother was also wanting for Christmas, which was very thoughtful of her. Wylie recently had parents night at dance class where I caught a few clips on my camera. I am going to try and post them on the blog once I get to my laptop at school. She really did a good job and her dance instructor picked her to be the leader that night.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Are We Still in Kansas?

Well, I managed to get a picture of Wylie...Gunnar on the other hand insisted that I not take his picture, unfortunatly. We had a good time trick-or-treating, Josh had to work at the fire station, but we picked him up so that he could take the kids down Main Street.