Sunday, August 10, 2008

The End of Summer Vacation.

Well, tomorrow Josh and I have to go back to work. What a bummer! Wylie and I tried to go swimming today and the pool was actually too cold, which is just another sign of summer ending. Just to fill you in on upcoming events...Gunnar will start 2nd grade on Thursday the 14th, he has Mrs. Fox this year. He will also be starting up Karate again after next week. Wylie will be in pre-school again this year with Mrs. Julie at the Methodist Church. She is going to take dance and gymnastics from a new studio in Independence, which works out well because of the shorter driving time, less money, and she will be in the same class as her best friend Halle. She will be going to Nanny's for daycare, who I think is excellent, and will also watch Gunnar when we have in-services.

As for Josh and I, we have meetings for the next 3 days and then students will come on Thursday. My first day of middle school volleyball practice starts the 18th and I am excited to start the season...I have to admit I am hoping for a better record this year 2-6 (I'll keep you posted, unless it's too depressing. Ha! Ha!). My student numbers look good this year and I only have 2 preps, Algebra I and Geometry, all are new students to me, which I think it will be nice to start fresh. Josh will be teaching 7th and 8th grade Science again this year and will also be the head softball coach for the high school. He will not be the assistant wrestling coach this year and I have to admit I am glad. The sport takes up a lot of time, not only most Saturdays, but also 5 months out of the year. Overall, I am optimistic about the year. I hope all is well with those who read this and have a great year! Only 186 days till summer break! Hee! Hee!