Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost Pictures

Well, I still haven't fixed the camera...we have tried many things and it just won't download. So the very cute picture of Gunnar holding up his 4 ribbons (3 third place and 1 second) right after receiving them from his swim coach will not get published. Nor will the motorcycle stuntmen or the aquarium pictures that I took, although I did manage to save a few of my friends pictures from the aquarium that they posted online. Which, I have to give credit to Jayme and JoAnne for taking these pictures.

We all met at the fire station and followed each other to Tulsa. Every man that you see is on the fire department, either full-time or volunteer. After the aquarium we went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate Katie's 16th birthday, which we were glad to share that time with her since she has been one of our main babysitters for a couple of years now. From left to right...
(Back Row): Aaron, Danny, Chad, JoAnne, Josh, Me (Second Row Women only): Hilary, Jayme, and Katie (Front Row Children Only) Kenzie, Halle, Wylie, and Gunnar (he just loves his picture taken!!!!!)

Wylie was really excited when told her that her best friend's parent would be coming along. By the way, I had a great picture of Gunnar sitting on this alligator.

Wylie, Halle, and Kenzie in front of the shark tank. It was really walked through a tunnel where the sharks would swim all around you.

After the aquarium I had mentioned before we that we then went to Incredible Pizza, which I didn't know it even existed. They have tons of games kind of like Chuckie Cheese's, but they also have go carts, bumper cars, miniature golf, and bowling inside the building. Gunnar is now like forget Chuckie's I want to go Incredible Pizza for my birthday! Who could blame him?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Hopefully Short Delay

Well, I have tons on things that I could post, but I cannot get my camera to download pictures onto my computer, which makes me spitting angry! My other Canon camera was very user friendly. I am really not sure what is going on with this one. We bought the service plan, so I am hoping to get it fixed soon. If my camera was working I would post that Gunnar won three 3rd place ribbons in the Free, Breast, and Butterfly, and also a 2nd place ribbon in the Free-style relay at his swim meet in Erie two weeks ago. I also might post pictures from when we walked to the motorcycle festival they were having in downtown Joplin, where we saw two men doing stunts right in front of us on the street. Furthermore, I would post pictures from the awesome time we had at the aquarium in Oklahoma yesterday.
Yeah, thinking about it...I would post all of this IF MY CAMERA WOULD DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!! I just got done hooking my camera up like 6 times to my computer hoping that it will work, but no such luck, so that is why I am posting this. I am needing to vent.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Post

There have been a few different things and pictures that I have been wanting to post, so I will do it all at one time. The first will be of Gunnar at his last swim meet, which was held at Coffeyville. He seems to be enjoying it pretty well. He didn't have his best swims yesterday, but I think he still had a good time.

Here he is waiting on the block. Only the swimmers and coaches were aloud to go inside the fence by the pool, therefore I did not get a good picture of him swimming.

I got a good picture of him after a swim talking with his friends.

I have been experimenting with the shooting modes on my new camera. I always enjoy taking pictures of the kids while they swim, hence the pictures below.

Gunnar boy and his goggles.

Miss Wylie.

Wylie is getting much better at swimming. She recently swam clear across the pool (24 feet) to her dad.

Gunnar still enjoys the slide, while Wylie still refuses to go down it.

We sort of have a new pet in the DeWeese household. Wylie named him Toadie, which I am pretty sure this is a frog, but Wylie still thinks she'll keep the name. He hangs out on the side of our fish pond or on a lily pad and then jumps in the water every time we open the back door to go outside. Although, he is letting us get closer and closer to him everyday.
A front view of Toadie on a lily pad.

A side view of Toadie.

So when we tore down the house next door we knew we would find "treasures" that would come up from the ground and they will probably keep coming up for the next 20 years. Josh found this piece of glass on the lot. And yes, the color is actually that pretty and it is also a hefty chunk of glass. I would guess it weighs around 4 pounds. Gunnar liked it a lot. He said he though maybe Superman might be real, because it looks like kryptonite. Gunnar also informed me that if it were a diamond we would get to meet the President of the United States.