Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cannon Ball!!

It is officially swim-time for the DeWeese's! These picture were taken during one of their three swims yesterday. They went to bed pretty early last night...all the swimming wore them out! Well, I think Josh and I had a pretty good 9 days off and now it's back to work again. See, you think as teachers we would get the summer off, but not exactly, or at least not the whole summer. I start my usual summer job at Upward Bound through Independence Community College where I teach ACT math prep to high school students. It's only 3 days a week and only for the month of June. Josh, bless his heart, start drivers ed tomorrow. This too, should only last the month of June and maybe into July. He will usual work 8-10 hour days 6 days a week in order to get it all done in a month. He will also be coaching summer softball a couple of nights a week. As for the kids, Gunnar is going to do swim team and Wylie will stay in Gymnastics.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pre-School Graduation Pictures.

I had said that I was waiting for my brother-in-law to e-mail some pictures from Wylie's graduation on one of my last posts. Well, Joe just happened to leave his camera in my car the other day after spending a couple of days with us, so I downloaded the pictures I have been wanting. I thought they were good. I trimmed a few of them up a little in order to get the other faces out of the picture. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Man of Many Talents!

I thought I would take a moment to brag on my husband for a moment. If you ask Gunnar what his dad does he will say many things like; Scientist, Firefighter, EMT, Divers Ed. Teacher, Bus Driver, and last but not least Softball Coach. Josh’s team are the Regional runner-up in softball as of last week. I am pretty sure they would have gone to state had his shortstop not have been hurt in the 1st inning. I didn’t realize the team received an award till I found it this weekend in his truck (see Wylie below). Josh is good at everything he does and I think he did a great job coaching this year. Gunnar, Wylie and I are sure proud of him.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Came, I Saw...I Conquered!

I conquered the kids' room that is. Holy cow! It was messy! My cousin had left a post on facebook about how it only took her children 2.5 seconds to mess up a room and that it would take her hours to clean it up. I totally understand what she means. I hate to admit that Gunnar and Wylie's room has been messy for awhile now, mainly because I also knew that it would take me hours.
I don't know if it was the waffles I had this morning or the fact that Josh is bringing back more stuff from the farm and I had to organize the storage closet upstairs, but I finally got motivated! I thought it would be funny to show how bad it was by posting before and after pictures.

South side of the room BEFORE...

South side of the room AFTER.

North side of the room BEFORE...

North side of the room AFTER!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Congradulations Wylie!

Wylie graduated from the United Methodist Pre-school last week. I would have posted these pictures earlier, but I was waiting for my brother-in-law to e-mail me some pictures that I took with his camera. (I am still waiting Joe! Ha! Ha!) His camera took a lot better pictures than mine, because of the lighting, I think. I have been working on trying to talk my husband in to getting me a new camera, which I think it's going pretty good so far.
Anyway, Josh and I can hardly believe our baby will be going to kindergarten next year! We are just so proud of her...she is such a good student and loves school! Here are a few pictures of before the ceremony, I will try and get the other pictures that I took with Joe's camera soon!

There was long line to get up to this spot to take a picture of your kid.

Wylie and I got in behind Halle and her mom, so of course they had to get their picture taken together. I am sure the other parents waiting in line were not happy..

Here is Wylie with her teacher Mrs. Julie. Before bed the other night Wylie gave Josh a notebook and pen and told him to write down what she said and here it is: "Dear Mrs. Julie, I miss you very much. I hope you have a nice life. Love, Wylie" The next day Wylie put it in the mailbox. She told me she had to send it, because she really missed her!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I sure am glad I am a mom of two wonderful kids! We had a good weekend...we got up pretty early Saturday morning and went to the Cherry Blossom festival held at Logan Park here in town. Josh's cousin Randi called and said that her family was coming to town for the train ride and they ended up staying the night. We got a few pictures of the kids, which I will post later. Josh and I, and the kids had a great time a usual.
On Sunday we went to see X-men Wolverine and then stopped for some Dairy Queen afterwards. I took a few pictures of the kids on our side street and I thought they turned out pretty good.

Did I say good pictures? Well, at least I got some good ones of Wylie. Gunnar has to be in the right mood for me to get a good picture. I try to tell him just to ignore me, but he still doesn't want is picture taken.

Wylie is good at letting me take a pictures.

She is also good about posing for me also.

Gunnar enjoyed the Wolverine movie and a Carmel shake at Dairy Queen on Sunday.

Wylie enjoyed her a Carmel shake also, but she wasn't too sure about Wolverine. Josh and I were expecting it to be a little more comic book like. I told Josh there nothing like scaring your daughter on Mother's Day.

This is the same shot as the first one above, I just thought it was so good that I decided to crop it...that way I could get the expression on her face.

Friday, May 1, 2009

We are the Proud Owners of...


Oh yes! I am sure you have always dreamed of owning a palace like this! She is a beauty! Josh and I have wanted her since we moved to Cherryvale, mainly because it's right next door to our house. The house as been empty for over 7 years...Josh and I have lived in Cherryvale almost 3 years now, and who wouldn't enjoy seeing that jewel outside your doorstep everyday?

The plan is to first tear the house down and clean up some of the over-growth. The second is to enjoy the space, it actually has two lots. We plan on getting Gunnar and Wylie's swing set back from the farm and some friends of ours are giving us their trampoline, since their daughters have out grown it. Third, is to eventually build a shop for Josh, a two car garage, and family or master suite. I plan on posting some pictures of the tear down process, which we are hoping with be within the month.This is the view of the house from across the street. As you can tell there is a lot of over growth. We plan on leaving most of the mature trees. Josh and Gunnar have their eye on one that might work for a tree house.
This is the empty lot next door that comes with the house. Nico dog is going to love it.

This is the view from our front yard that is outside our white fence.

Two Peas in a Pod

Wylie runs in the room the other day and says, "look I'm Daddy!". Then she went up to Josh and said "Look dad, I look just like you!" She's wearing Josh's Charger baseball cap and his new pair of Oakley sun glasses. Josh owns two of each (cap and glasses) and he just happened to be in the living room wearing the same thing. Being coaches, you can usually catch Josh or I, wearing Charger gear quite often. Since it's softball season cap and sun glasses are worn pretty much on a daily basis. Anyway, Wylie thought she was so funny and wanted me to take her picture and a picture with her daddy.

I have to say that I am on a role with this blogging thing! I have been pretty busy lately and not feeling so well, which makes it hard to take pictures, which makes it even harder for me to blog. I am going to make the time to take more pictures and blog. My strategy has been to download pictures in one day and then write the next day and it seems to be working. I enjoy taking's probably my main creative outlet. I am hoping that being more creative might make me "feel better".