Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday to Gunnar Boy!

I think he had a pretty good day yesterday. He
took goodie bags to his classmates with candy, a punch balloon, bubbles, and a twinkie in it. Then Josh picked him up at early (10:00 am) from school and took both him and Wylie to Bartleville to the dentist, which I am happy to report no cavities! I know it sounds cruel to go to the dentist on your birthday, but Gunnar looks at it from the prospective of getting to miss school. Then when he got home he opened his presents...two transformers (dino bots) that he had been wanting. He played with those at the table for a long time and failed to mention to me that he had 5 homeworks! So, Josh and Wylie went to the high school basketball game while Gunnar finished his homework and I made his favorite dinner Orange soup (tomato soup) and grill cheese. We ate some cake when Josh and Wylie got home and then went to bed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a Week!

So we get a call Super Bowl Sunday from a mother of a kid who goes to the same daycare as Wylie. She says "your going to hate me, my kid has Lice", we look at Wylie as she is looking for something in the refrigerator to eat. Guess what she is doing. That's right, scratching her head! Great, our first experience with lice. So we are about 6 months away from new furniture and Gunnar and Wylie have been needing new mattress's...and therefore we took 3 couches and 3 twin mattress's to the dump. I stayed home Monday with Wylie (Gunnar has been lice free...knock on wood) and shampooed the carpets and did a ton of laundry, all in hot water. Wylie went back to Nanny's on Tuesday and on Wednesday she went to preschool and was checked by a nurse and was good to go. Wonderful I say! Then on Thursday in the middle of class I get a call that Wylie has lice again! So I find someone to cover my next 4 periods of class and go and get her from daycare. We take a trip to the car wash and vacuum out the car and spray it from top to bottom. Note: we treated her hair on Sunday. Josh said something to me about getting Wylie's haircut, which got me searching the Internet. Wylie and I decided on a bob hair style. Anyway, Josh stayed home with Wylie today and they took a trip to Joplin to get her haircut. I knew no matter what haircut she would be cute, but I really think the haircut looks great on her...see what you think!