Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Pictures

I have been wanting to post spring pictures of the kids for awhile now and I decided to download them when I posted the Easter pictures. Wylie's picture is actually from her Dance program from Christmas. She is excited for Kindergarten next year...Josh is going to take her to Kindergarten round-up this week. Josh is also going on the 2nd grade field trip with Gunnar, which they are going to some museum in Dewey, OK. Gunnar is definitely ready for school to be out and if I counted right he only has 15 more days left, that means 16 more days for us teachers. I just hope that next school year is as good at this year was, I kind of hate to see it end! As far as summer goes, Josh and I will have the same jobs as last year, with no vacation unfortunately, but we plan on doing some camping at Big Hill.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, I finally got the Easter pictures posted! I was at James and Angie's house again this year and we had a great time. Not only did we celebrate Easter, but it was Joe's 60th and Grandma January's 81st birthday.

We had the usual camp fire going with many good conversations a happening at once.

I think there is a good conversation taking place here.

Jeff, Christina, and Bobby hanging out in the lawn chairs.

Nanny (Grandma January) bought all of the kids pin wheels to play with, which it was definitely windy enough to get them spinning good.

I thought this was a good picture of Gunnar.

Dakota, looking very "James Bond" in the picture.

Molly being cute as usual.

The Bulls came close to the fence just across the road. Wylie and Joey wanted a closer look. Those two have a great time when they get together.

Nanny (Birthday Girl) and Grandpa Whiskers sitting around the campfire.

The 60 year ol boy!

James enjoying some good food. Mister Dog is in front of him. We brought Nico, Randi brought Jewels, and Jeff brought just wouldn't be Easter without a dog fight. Ha! Ha!

The coloring of the Easter eggs.

It was cold Easter morning and yet Gunnar hunted eggs in his flip flops and T-Rex pajamas.

Like I was pretty cold out! Jillian found a way to hold her basket so that she could keep her hands warm.
If one of the kids found a camouflage plastic egg, they would take it to Angie and would receive a prize. The first prize that she is giving to Joey and Molly are binoculars.

Joe hid one of the eggs on his pocket. Wylie was the one who found it.