Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Wylie was a Vampire this year. She gave me a good scary pose after she was done trick-or-treating. I think the kids had a good time this house behind ours had a haunted house that was appropriate for younger kids. We really only went to 12 houses in the neighborhood and they still came back with a load of candy! Gunnar was a wizard, which as you can see below I made him get his picture taken this year, not that he was happy about it. I took one with a flash, which I didn't care for the pose, but the picture with the better pose had no flash...figures! Anyway, hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Neewollah (Halloween spelled backwards) is a week long fall festival that happens in Independence, KS which is 11 miles from Cherryvale. We have lived in Cherryvale for 3 years now, but this is our first year to go to the festival. My students think were cazy for not going these last few years since people come from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Central/Southeast/Northcentral Kansas to see the play, eat the food, ride the carnival rides, see the parade, and to watch the Queen Neelaw Pagent. We knew that our cousin Randi would be there with Dustin, Jillian, and Dakota so we decided to to meet them on Saturday afternoon to watch the parade and then take the kids to the carnival. The kids loved it! Gunnar rode almost every ride, even the adult ones that I have always found scary, he loves. Below is picture of Wylie and Jillian with their face paint. They of coarse had to play a little dress-up when they got home. Randi and the crew also ended up staying the night at our place, which was nice for us to get to visit and for the kids to get to play together. We had a great time as usual! Thanks Randi, Dustin, Jillian, and Dakota!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Pictures

I thought I would post school pictures of the kids this year. I thought they turned out pretty well. I had Wylie's taken a Thayer from a photographer who comes to town every 4 years. One of my students sold me a ticket for $10 for a free 8 by 10, which was a fund raiser for her little sister's day-care. Wylie had 8 different poses, which I could have had all for $149.89, (the cheapest package offered) or I could walk out with my 8 by 10 for free. Gosh, I am cheap! All of the pictures were good, but I have seen better through the LCD of my digital camera. It was still fun to take her, they were supposed to look vintage, we got to pick from a rack of old dresses. Well, volleyball season is over (record of 3-4) as of last Thursday. It was nice to get home before 5:30 today. I should have time to blog a little more than I have been, I hope.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tough to blog lately!

I tell you what, we are busy at the DeWeese house. Wylie has dance class on Monday nights (Josh goes to the JV football games), high school volleyball games on Tuesdays, Wednesday evenings are filled with sorority meetings or rec. volleyball for me (Josh has fire or EMT meetings), Thursdays are my middle school volleyball games, which our record is 2-3 right now, Josh comes to these games to be acting administrator on duty, and Fridays are high school football games, which Josh does the video for the Charger football network that is shown on our local cable. I spend most of the weekend doing the mountain of laundry that has accumulated from the week. Gunnar and Wylie are doing great! I have to brag on the fact that they are such good kids. Josh and I bring them to about 98% of the activities mentioned above and they are always well behaved. Our middle and high school students just think they are both awesome. Work is going really good for me, although I am ready for a little seems like we have been going non-stop. Josh has a leadership conference in Missouri this Wednesday and Thursday and homecoming is this week at school, which makes it interesting. Hope all is well with everyone who reads this. I will try and get something more interesting posted next time.