Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go Wildcats!

Last Saturday went to Manhattan to take the kids to their very first college football game. K-State beat Missouri State 61-10. Although, it was not the most exciting game we had a great time none the less. Our seats were 30 rows back from the field, but the kids just had to go up to the top as you can see by the picture above of Gunnar.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Wylie Jade!

Wylie took cupcakes to pre-school yesterday and woke up to pink streamers and balloons at the bottom of the stairs this morning, opened presents after we all got home from school, and then this evening we went to the football game where she got to cheer all 2nd quarter and dance during half-time with the high school cheerleader. Here is some footage (I promise during the dance I had nothing to will see what I mean).

Monday, September 10, 2007

Extra Curricular Activities

Gunnar has been taking Karate class for the last month and Wylie has been to dance class twice now. They both really seem to be enjoying it. It sure is fun to watch!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Three Decades!

Well, I turned 30 years old last week, which it seems like yesterday that I was in elementary school wondering what I was going to be when I go up. I have to say… I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what I have now. When I look back at my youth as a struggling student with divorced parents, I am very thankful that my dad’s level-head has been passed on to me. I have always thought of myself as an optimistic person who looks at every experience (good or bad) as an opportunity to learn. One of my students (who’s life story so far is not so perfect either) told me, “You have the perfect life Mrs. DeWeese, with your kids (boy then girl), nice house, nice cars, an education, and a good job”, the response I had for her was, “I have to admit, I’m blessed, plus I have made good choices in my life.” I explained to her that bad things happen to a lot of people and you can either do bad things because of it, or learn from it. So, as far as me turning 30, it’s kind of a bummer that another decade has passed me by, but as far as where I am at this point in my life, it’s amazing and rewarding.