Saturday, August 22, 2009

First day of school!

Wylie finally started kindergarten last Monday. She has been so excited to start school. She told me the Sunday before the first day that her life was going to change forever. I have to say that was pretty dramatic of her, but she's right.

Last Swim.

So the summer has almost come to an end and that means covering the pool. Before school started we got in quite a bit of swimming and Wylie as usual improves her swimming skills and becomes a little more daring. Gunnar and Wylie had a great time playing together. They thought they were so funny by have Wylie get on Gunnar's shoulders.

I thought Wylie looked pretty cute in her goggles. She talks cute in them too!
I mentioned that she got more daring towards the end of the summer. Here she is doing a cannonball off the end of the slide.

Wylie also has become quite the diver!

Time to Blog.

We all made it through the first week of school, work, and volleyball practice unscathed. Both Gunnar and Wylie seem to be enjoying school and Josh hasn't mentioned much about his classes so I assume they are going well and my classes so far have been good.

So I have read online that you can make your blog into like a scrapbook, so I feel that these pictures that I took of our outing at the Independence Zoo were important to post. If you are a facebook reader you have probably already seen these, but I think they are worth posting again.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Josh's Uncle John and his wife and 3 kids decided to spend the last couple days of there vacation at our house. We were really happy to hear that they were coming not only for the visit, but the for the fact that they have never been to our house in Cherryvale. The children and adults had a great time.

Of coarse the kids had to do some swimming.

Jack liked to go down the slide backwards on his belly.

Molly Kate was a good little swimmer. She would jump right off the edge then swim to the ladder and do it all over again.

Molly Kate just hanging out looking cute.

It's not a party without a campfire!

A little bit of bike riding on the side street.

Wylie and Joey having fun.

Uncle John and Molly having a beverage.

Josh took everyone on a tour of the fire barn so the kids could see the ambulance and fire trucks.

Gunnar helped demonstrate.