Saturday, January 30, 2010


So I know this took me a long time, but I have been messing around with Photoshop and let me tell you it is not the easiest thing in world to do. I downloaded the program onto my computer before Christmas time and have been perfecting some skills, by that I mean trying to enhance my pictures, getting mad because it won't work, and saving it for a later date. But, I kept coming back to my computer every so often and try to do some effects here and there. It's a good thing I am persistent (it's one of my favorite qualities)! So hear are some photos from Christmas this year and I have to say that my family had a wonderful time! Josh and I got to hang out with adults that we love, play games, have great conversations, and not to mention eat some darn good food. It was so fun to watch the kids. They are getting at that age where they also like to hang out. They really got along well this year.
Of coarse I took a ton of pictures, so I chose some of my favorites.

It was the year of funny Christmas hats. Joe and Missy bought this for Josh, but I thought it looked pretty cute on Wylie.

I am not sure what the kids are looking at, but I thought it was a good profile picture of Jack and Joey.
Grandma and her semi-annual teary eyed poem reading. Everyone makes her do it!

Grandad reading from the Bible.

Molly snuggling with her Daddy

Josh got to play quite a bit of pool.

I was hoping this picture would turn out bigger, but hopefully you can see Angie being dog piled by all the kids.

Gunnar was happy to get a Red Rider BB gun from his Mamaw and Papaw.

We were not lacking in the present department that is for sure!

A picture of the kids waiting at the top of the stairs Christmas morning.

A pretty picture of Wylie after playing in the snow.
A sweet picture of Jeff. I particularly like the snow on the side of his face which he received from the neighbor boy, who pelted him in the face with a snowball.

Gunnar Boy with quite the snowball.

Jillian and Wylie had to try some of the snow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Holidays

The kids made it through their Christmas program this year. Wylie was more than happy to wear her new fancy dress and pose for a picture. Her brother on the other hand thought that his clothes made him look like vomit. Gunnar just knew that none of the other boys would be dressed in such horrible clothes. Anyway, he survived the whole ordeal and I even managed to get him to pose for a few that would be on this years Christmas card.